Football’s ability to unite – Could you Imagine a Free World Cup?

Teams at the Gaza World Cup area mix of nationals. The French team includes both Gaza residents and Americans.

While South Africans and other nationals around the world are struggling to pay for expensive FIFA World Cup tickets, Gaza is currently hosting its own Football World Cup.  All the matches are free and any donations given by spectators are used to support youth sports and conflict resolution in the Gaza area. Algeria and South Africa are the only African teams to have made it into this World Cup co-organized in partnership with the United Nations.  Follow the games on the Gaza World Cup Website.  The next games are scheduled to be played tomorrow.

Listen to a BBC report on the opening match between Italy and Palestine. Reporting on the games begins around 9.30 minutes.

BBC World Service Podcast, 3 May 10 PM Kasab Convicted/Gaza World Cup

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