Just Arrived in Jo’Burg
Day 1 – Tuesday May 19
I arrived at the Jo’Burg airport.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be. When I came here years ago as a kid I remember being overwhelmed with people.   To my surprise the airport was pretty much empty but definitely ready for the millions of tourists that will be coming to the games.

Children lined up to go home at a local school

I was picked up at the airport, by the daughter of the man who founded the organization I am working with, and taken to the ‘main house.’  Ok stay with me here because this is where what I am doing in South Africa gets complicated –  There are over 20 different interns that have been brought in by the South African Foundation, DADFund to work with for Matchworld corporate accounts (a company that provides everything from technical, PR to hospitality assistance for large events).  A lot of the accounts also involve raising funds for local South African institutions including under funded public schools.
In addition to the ‘main house’ DADFund has rented out two other houses for interns to stay in.  I’m staying in the house that is furthest away from the ‘main house.’  It is located next to a swamp but stocked with tons of food.   One of the best parts about this internship program is that food is provided!  Right now there are five interns living in the ‘swamp house’ but there are about five more people coming this and next week.

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