Hit the Ground Running

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Day 2 – Wednesday May 20

I have never been one to wait things out and take days off.  With 22 days to go and I have so much to learn and spent my first full day around Jo’Burg.  Today I spent half the day at Mayibuye Primary School with several other DADFund interns.  The school is one of the several that were chosen to receive funds raised during Fan-Fun-Fests that will be open during the Cup.  I took the opportunity to test out my Kodak HD Zi8 camera.  I must admit it is really easy to use and the quality I am seeing so far is pretty good.  The video is a little choppy and shaky though.

After playing and singing with the children we left to go to one of the Matchworld offices in the Jo’Burg area.  I finally had a chance to meet the rest of the team and was given my first assignment.  I am supposed to be assisting an intern that got here two weeks before me with staffing assignments for the ENTIRE CUP.  Though this is a really exciting assignment (because to a certain extent I get to help place people) it will involve a lot of spreadsheets and emails.  DADFund/ Matchworld will have thousands of guests and over 100 interns in Jo’Burg alone.  I now have a better since of the work that I might be working on during the games.   I believe I will be helping chaperon guests from a telecommunication company during the game but right now I am assigned to more logistical work.  Other than walking around temporary MatchWorld offices in a place called the Business Center I helped tape up boxes and boxes of tickets for some of Matchworld’s clients.  I made some interesting discoveries during my time at the office. For instance, Matchworld has some really interesting country accounts.  They are working with the delegation from Ghana and are in charge of all their marketing, PR and hospitality.  Interns are also working on accounts for a delegation from Peru and other high level businesses from international companies.

Tonight a bunch of us went to a famous restaurant that serves game meat.  I decided to stay at the main house instead and work on editing the footage I captured today.

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