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Day 3 – Thursday May 20

Another day at the school.  This time we were working with second graders.  The situation at the school is really interesting because there are at least three different sections for each grade, one section for each of the three main languages in South Africa.  Today we arrived a little late but had an activity for the kids that involved coloring and a word search.  The first word search we had for them was really complicated and I just skipped it to go to coloring.  Though the kids could recite the days of the week, months, colors and count in English many of them did not really understand what I was saying in English.  After working on another word puzzle provided by the principal I took the kids outside.  The principal had given me several tennis balls and tennis racket but they were not enough for the 40 + kids in the classroom.  I tried to organize a game of pass the ball around the big circle but the kids were not interested in sharing and did not understand what I meant by pass the ball to the person next to you.  They wanted to throw the ball across the large circle.  After attempting to play my made up game twice I moved the kids back into the classroom.  It took me a long time to calm them down.

What a tiring day! Like the day before we then went to the Business Center.  They had no work for me to do so I checked my email and hung out with other interns. That night  another housemate moved in and several of us went to a Reggae club – Baseline.  It had really good music, especially towards the end.

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