Extremes – Show ‘Em. Show ‘Em.

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Day 4 – Friday May 21

Extremes! Today I had a chance to experience both Soweto and Jo’Burg night life.  The day started off pretty low key.  The majority of the people in my house were not needed at the office so we wanted to go to Soweto.  We finally arrived in Soweto hours later than planned but had a great time at an outdoor/indoor restaurant not far from Mandela’s old house.

After hanging out in at an indoor/outdoor restaurant then stopping by a party at a food co-op in Jo’Burg we went to watch the South African rapper/ singer JR at a club in Jo’Burg called MyJet.

The singer JR is a black South African that does not rap in English much but has a really hot song right now called Make the Circle Bigger.  Thanks to a girl with mad connections in my house we had a chance to meet him and watch him perform.  His song is so popular that it is the background music of a lot of world cup commercials in South Africa.  Though his set was meant to be 20 minutes JR decided to only perform two songs. This is probably because the majority of his songs are not in English and the club was not very diverse – it was pretty much just white highschoolers.

Everyone in the club was singing along.  After performing two songs we had a chance to meet him.

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