Week 2 in Review: 11 Days to Go

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What a week!  So far this week I have been to a Bafana Bafana soccer game – where my camera was dropped and we bumped into JR – who pretended that he was not JR – who preformed at half-time; gone to the local school twice – once to play with fourth graders, then to play with fifth and sixth graders; gone to the office several times – including yesterday, which was Saturday and today I am heading to training for hospitality that I was meant to attend for the entire weekend.

Last night I also had a chance to visit Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton. I did not have my Kodak Video thingy and my real camera was broken so I have no pictures.  I do plan on revisiting the place so that  I can have my picture taken next to a larger than life statue of Mandela. Sandton looks like ‘walkable’ downtown anywhere.  There are restaurants everywhere and people parked and walked around.  A plaza in Sandton, right in front of the Mandela statue is going to hold a FIFA Fan Fest during the games.  Teams have already started to arrive.  According to several people in Sandton, the Brazil team was in the area while we were there.  The Australian team is also here.

Things in South Africa are definitely different than other places I have lived.  ’African time’ is pretty much the norm even though we are dealing with clients who will not accept that for an excuse.  The office constantly has to top-up its internet allocation but things are getting done/ have to be done by next week!

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