Working 8 to 8

No joke.  This week I have been working long days at the temporary business offices of a company that Matchworld outsources hospitality work to [the image is from one of the offices rented out.  They are decked out in country flags and World Cup images].   I have learned that after doing all this office work (that involves mostly excel) I will have the opportunity to chaperon guests at most of the games being played at Loftus Stadium in Pretoria. More exciting news – most of the football teams have arrived and traffic is starting to pick up in and around the city.  With only a few days to go everyone is really excited about the games and the final country teams are mostly all set.

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  1. Emily

    akua i love the picture of the office!! especially because i see the brasilian flag at the corner of the photo…

    crazy that you’re working 8 to 8. it must be so exciting though. keep taking pictures!! :)

    Jun 08, 2010 @ 5:00 pm