My First Black Stars Game at the World Cup

It was a starless light. I looked up into the sky, standing at my seat in the stadium, and only saw an almost full moon. I thought to myself: It is time for the black stars to shine bright. I looked back down. To my left and my right there three tiers of German and Ghanaian supporters. It was the first game that I was able to get to the stadium about an hour before kick off. It was also the first game I had the opportunity to attend at Soccer City.

Ghana vs. Germany was the third World Cup match I have had the opportunity to watch from the stands. Seated in seats only a few dozens rows from the field, the angle of my seat gave me a great view of all sides of the pitch. After watching the teams warm up the stadium grew quiet. First to enter after returning to the locker rooms were the Black Stars. The crowd went wild. Next the Germans stormed the pitch. The cheering and vuzuelas once again erupted – I was sitting among a lot of Germany supporters. As usual the national anthems were played. Quickly the players took their places on the field and the match began.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the first half. ‘Ahhing’ every time the ball even got close the German goalie. The first half was finally over and the score was still nil – nil. In the second half I watched in horror as that Oezil shot entered the net. It was a higher shot. The Black Stars goalie had jumped in right direction but unfortunately could not get a hand behind the shot. The Black Stars had many chances, but could not get the ball in the back of the German net.

People began to leave even before the end of the game. Anything can happen I thought to myself. Only earlier today the U.S. had made it to the second round after a last minute goal. After playing three minutes of extra time, the German supporters roared, and then results of the other game Group D match appeared on the screen. The Ghanaian supporters jumped up and began to cheer. Ghanaian players took flags from supporters in the stands and began to jog around the field. I understood why.

Though I was disappointed in the result of the game, a man setting behind me had tapped me on the shoulder before the game had ended and reminded me that the Black Stars were still going to make it to the second round. The Germans had been unable to score more goals to knock them out.

So last nights result? Boateng 1 – Boateng 1. I am sure both bothers went to seep late last night happy.

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