1 Star Outshines 50: History Repeats Itself.

Though Bafana Bafana is no longer playing – the Stadiums in South Africa are far from quiet. One of the best examples of this was the US vs Ghana game.

I had the opportunity to attend the game and got to the game after Ghana had scored the first goal. The crowd booooed while the U.S. team took their penalty shot. It was their only goal of the match. The crowd rightfully booooed every time a Ghanaian player dramatically fell to the ground. The second goal by the Black Stars was unstoppable. I watched it sail into the left side of the net passed the American goalie’s outstretched hands. The crowd erupted and the goal scorer and his teammates celebrated with a dance.

Though Ghana is the only African team to have made it this far it is fair that say that Africans (or at least those of African descent) play a role in the majority of the other teams in this tournament.

Shine Bright Black STAR. Shine Bright.

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